Temple complexes

     The conceptual and work projects for the construction of a Church, Sunday school, boiler room and toilet in the composition of the Svyato-Vvedensky temple complex on Elizarova street, 71, Kharkov were developed (2007).


     The customer: Svyato-Vvedensky Church community.


     Sunday school is a two-storey building with dimensions in plan 18.4×6 m


     The school premises includes classrooms, office of the rector, meeting of the Church Council, library, kitchen, refectory.


     By the summer of 2010 finishing work was completed, and Sunday school got a beautiful finished look inside . On the first floor there is a beautiful prayer hall with an altar. There are premises for student lessons  and rooms for priest are on the second floor . In 2011, it was completed boiler room and toilet.


     In 2012 there were planted flowers, fruit and ornamental trees. Mounted on top of the entrance to Sunday school, and on the cornice installed picture, and Sunday school revealed in its full glory.


     Developed detailed documentation on the restoration of the Church (1996) and the project of construction of the Sunday school (2010) as part of the temple complex of All Saints on street Theatre, 1 in Old Merchyk  village, Valky district, Kharkov region.


     The customer: All saints Church community. The temple was destroyed in 1929.


     Since the rebuilding of the Church in its original form it was not financially possible, it was decided to attach to the refectory wall in a semi-circle to create an altar. Thus, the former refectory became a Central part of the restored Church. In 2004, the bell was erected on the upper tier of the bell tower. In 2005 there was made a new iconostasis. In the following year completed the painting of the walls and the consecration of the Church, performed the landscaping and All saints Church has been completed.


     Sunday school is for the spiritual education of parishioners and Church rites. In Sunday school the residents of Old Marchica study the Law of God, the Church singing. There are clubs for children.


     Development of working project of Monastic case with Andrew’sChurch in the composition of the Holy Tikhvin monastery located at Chicherin street, 171, Dnepropetrovsk  region (2013).


     Customer: Svyato-Tikhvin women’s monastery of the Dnipropetrovsk eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


     At the working project are use modern materials and products which have certificates according to safety standards of Ukraine.


     The working project provides such premises:


– kitchen which provides meal for people living in the monastery and for the congregation;

– the refectory hall;

– the host room;

– guest and living cells;

-lecture hall;


– bathrooms;

– service premises.



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