The technical inspection of the condition of construction of village club with an auditorium for 200 places in the village of Krushevo-Nikitovka, Bogodukhov district, Kharkov region is holded, and recommendations for its further operation were developed.


     Also completed a working draft of the completion of the construction of village culture club and gas separately constructed furnace village culture club (2005-2006).


     Customer: Krushevo-Nikitovka village council .


     Village club is a 2-storey detached building with a basement , a total area of 1062,3 m2. The premises of the club includes: billiard room, music classes, room inventory, utility room, auditorium, stage, foyer, dressing rooms, indoor guard, lobby, projection, classrooms, control room, toilets.


     Designed furnace is located in a separate building and is for heating of village culture club. The building of the furnace is made of brick, one-story with the dimensions of the axes  5.2 × 4,2 m


     The work documentation of condition of the Assembly hall was performed, located in the building of JSC “Ptimash” at the address: pr. 50-let VLKSM, 56.


     The work documentation for space-balcony for extra seats in the disco club  was developed (2001).


     The customer: LLC “Club 34”.



Ночной клуб