Warehouse of brass forms

     Development of project documentation for warehouse of brass forms on the second floor f work-shop on manufacturing of electrical insulating materials located in Zhytomyr region, Malin, Prikhodko street, 66.


     Custumer- BP «Weidman Malin insulating components” (the subsidiary enterprise of Corporation “Weidmann”), 2011-2012.


     There is acceptance , rack storage and sending brass forms at the shop of the insulating components in the store.


     The territory of the warehouse is divided into areas of expedition and storage. There is a room of a storekeeper in the warehouse.


     The total area of the object is 1532 m2, warehouse area – 1133 m2.


     Capacity – 7000 units (brass forms).


     Performance- 50 units /day.


     Racks have dimensions 2,75×1,05 m and situated in 5 tiers.


     The manual stacker is used For transportation of forms.