The technical inspection of building structures of the  second floor of the cinema “Park”, located at Kharkov, Sumskaya street, 81, was conducted to determine the possibility of its reconstruction.


     The work designing and passport of exterior finish for the reconstruction of the 2nd floor of a nonresidential building(cinema)  was performed (2005).


     The customer: LLC “Cinema “Park”.


     The building of the cinema “Park” is a two-storey brick structure and simple geometric shape with size  44,75 × m 37,78 m in plan.


     In the reconstructed part of the 2nd floor of the cinema “Park” there are: lobby, café, offices, shops for cooking, bathroom and offices.





     The technical conclusion about the state of the building constructions of the cinema “Russia” was made to determine the possibility of reconstruction. Developed detailed design of reconstruction of the building of the cinema “Russia” from one hall in a multiplex arrangement with additional inputs and outputs and the construction of the furnace (2005).


     Client: the cinema “Russia”.


     The building is a two storey building with basement dimensions: 30 × 54 m.


Кинотеатр Россия


     The technical conclusion about the determination of whether the extension of the auditorium to the existing building of the cinema “Poznan” was performed, located  at Academician Pavlov street, 160, Kharkiv (2004).


     The customer: LLC “Cinema “Poznan”.


     Surveyed the building of the cinema “Poznan” calculated a 1100 seats. The two storey building with a basement. The building has simple geometric shape with size 42 × 60 m in plan.


Кинотеатр Познань


     The work project of reconstruction of building “Cinema by Dovzhenko” into multiplex with separate inputs-outputs was performed, located at August 23 street, 61, Kharkiv . (2004)


     The customer: LLC “Cinema them. A. Dovzhenko. The building has a rectangular shape with dimensions: 24×55,5 m


     Part of the cinema consists of the following rooms: hall, consisting of spectators and high-rise servicing part, which includes the foyer, 1st and 2nd floor, basement (technical floor). Projection and cash hall arranged between the lobby and the audience hall block. At the end of the building there is a basement extension.


Кинотеатр Довженко