Engineering networks and constructions

     The working project for reconstruction sewerage system of the village. Kulinichy Kharkiv region was performed (2007).


     Customer: Kulinicheskii village Council.


     The objects of reconstruction are existing non-performing sewage pumping station and an existing inoperative pressure head sewer pipe.


     The object of the work is pumping from the existing sewage pumping station located at 7-th GW in the Army street , 9-a Kulinichy into the well-quencher located in front of the SPS №15A, Kharkiv, the amount of 700 m3/day.


     The total discharge of waste water according to the Customer is 700 m3/day, 66 m3/hour.


     Existing inoperative pressure sewage pipeline located at the section from the building of the sewage pumping station in the village Kulinichy before crossing a street, Krasnodar and 2nd Perekalskogo entry in the Frunzensky district of Kharkiv region. Existing non-performing steel tubing with diameter 200 mm  is replaced by two polyethylene pipelines with diameter 160 mm with switch camera between pipelines.



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