Multifunctional warehouse complex

     Development of working project for building of warehouse and administrative-trade buildings at the crossroad of the ring road, Kharkiv and road Kharkiv-Lyptsi on the territory of the village Tsirkuny Kharkiv district (2008).


     In the result of interaction of town planning, technological and functional-operational requirements was created volumetric-spatial composition of the warehouse and office building.


     Large length of the area identified the architectural composition and functional zoning of the building.


     Decisions aimed to create the active compositional element in the center of the building are explained by the size of the main façade plane. This element is the glass rectangular volume. It can create a conception of the functional and social significance of warehouse and office complex. This element focuses on the main entrance and gives rise to all volumetric-spatial composition.


Складской комплекс

Символ 3

Символ 2

Символ 4