Grain transshipment complex in Reni city

     Development of feasibility justification for building transshipment complex with ability of warehousing and storage ship consignments located at the coast of the Danube in the area of old passenger berth.


     Customer: LLC “Bontrup Terminal”


     The main task of the projected complex is provision of cargo handling and storage operations on reception, storage and processing and shipment of grain and oilseeds in future. Which is delivered by road and railway transport, sea and river and sent by river and sea transport vessels (barges).


     For that complex it was planed the estimated circulation in the amount of 500 thousand tons of grain and other cargoes, the main part of it consistsof own cargos of company LLC “Bontrup Terminal”.


     Delivery of export cargoes will be carried out by automobile and railway transport, and send – by river barges and by river self-propelled fleet.


     Import cargoes are delivered by barges and shipped by road and rail.


     Productivity of grain receiving from motor transport is 1 line with total capacity of 300 t/h, acceptance from rail transport and shipping in railway cars – 300 t/h, loading in court – 400 t/h, discharge from ships – 300 t/h.


     The complex will include the next facilities:


– the station of unloading of cars;

– storage silos of grain crops;

– administrative and technical building;

– facilities for cleaning storm drains;

– weight of the complex;

– open area for storage;

– sewage pumping station;

– tanks for fire water supply.