Distribution center with a warehouse of books

     Development of project documentation for reconstruction of administrative-domestic building and work-shop for production of expanded clay gravel located at Zavodskaya st.,50 pgt Solonitsevka Kharkiv region at building with annexe for filling, packing and storage of printed production (2007).


     Customer: BP with foreign investment « Book club «Klub semeinogo dosuga».


     Complex of logistics center consists of reconstructed building, the new work-shop which is attached and administrative-domestic housing.


     The main objective of the logistics centre is reducing costs at effective productive activity with using cars and mechanisms for logistics services in procurement, supply, transportation and book storing processes. The building is one-storey warehouse block, in terms of size – 54,h m, height up to the bottom belts of farms is 11.9 m.


     The modern finishing materials are used in the outdoor finish of complex. It provides the geometric of constructions and resistance to weathering , high heat and sound insulation and attractive appearance.


     Color solution of complex of buildings is taken with regard to the surrounding buildings.


     Window and door blocks, stained glass windows are designed with metal-plastic window system with using PVH profile and double glazing.


     The Light wall panels as sandwich type are used as fencing constructions.


Дистрибуционный центр со складом книг