Beauty salons

     The work project for the reconstruction of non-residential premises (former apartment) at the beauty salon with separate entrance was performed , located at The Tractorostroitelei prospect, 102, Kharkov  region (2003).


     Client: private person.


     Work project provides a  reconstruction of non-residential premises of the first floor of a residential building. The interior of a beauty salon includes: lounge, hairdressing and manicure rooms, beauty parlor, utility room, bathroom and recreation room.


     The total area of the beauty shop is  56 m2.


      The inspection of condition of building structures non-residential premises was  performed, located at: , Kharkov, prospect Pobedy, 65-B in connection with the completed reconstruction into the beauty salon (2006).


     Client: private person.


     After the reconstruction of the premises of the salon, it includes: hairdressing room, hallway, bathroom, utility room, Solarium, beauty parlor.


     The total area of the beauty shop after the reconstruction is: 48,5 m2.


     Technical conclusion to determine the reconstruction of apartments was performed . The  work project  and passport exterior finish for renovation of the apartment  was developed , located at the address: , Chuguev region, Komarova, 9, into the beauty salon with separate entrance. The supervision of construction was performed  (2008).


     Client: private person.


     The project envisages reconstruction of the apartment located on the ground floor of a residential building into the beauty salon.


     After the reconstruction of the apartment it will be a beauty salon with separate entrance, which consists of a vestibule, hall, hairdressing hall on two jobs, manicure Cabinet, bathrooms, staff room and sanitary facilities. All working areas are comfortably furnished in accordance with the requirements of the modern interior.


     The total area of the beauty shop is: 64,54 m2.


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