Medical centers

     1. Evaluation of technical condition of building structures and design of the reconstruction of the premises of the medical consulting center “Sana” was performed, located on Pushkin street, 43, Kharkov. (2001).


     The customer: LLC “LCC firm “Sana”.


     Total area is 4034,2 m2.


     2. the technical inspection of building structures and the reconstruction of the dairy food Merefa Central district hospital was performed , located at: , Merefa, Dnipropetrovsk street, 148 in connection with the conversion of the building for Laundry and kitchen. (2002).


     Client: Merefa Central district hospital.


     The building is one storey with a basement.


     Total area is 1296 m2.


     3. The technical investigation of constructions apartment No. 21 to determine the possibility of reconstruction into the consulting medical center with a separate entrance was performed, located on  street of Karl Marx, 29-a, Kharkov region.


     The conceptual reconstruction project was developed. (2003).


     Client: private person.


     Total area is  51,8 m2.


     4. The project of reconstruction of non-residential premises (former apartments No. 182 No. 183) into the dental office with a separate entrance was developed, locate at 50-letiya VLKSM avenue, 42, Kharkov region. (2003, 2004).


     Client: private person.


     Total area is 107,3 m2.


     5. The conceptual and work projects to increase the area of the clinic doctors, homeopaths with separate entrance were developed, located in Krasina street, 1/54, Kharkov region. (2004).


     Client: BSF “Homeopath”.


     This project provides a separate entrance and an increase in the area of homeopaths clinic by performing additions. The extension is a three-storey building complex geometric shapes.


     Total area is 310 m2.


     6. The technical report about state of building constructions of the apartment and its reconstruction into  medical and rehabilitation office of device, the two-storey extension and a separate entrance was performed located at  Kharkov street , 155,  Chuguev region. (2008).


     Client: private person.


     The total area of medical rehabilitation of the Cabinet after the reconstruction will be 61 m2.


     7. Development of design and estimate documentation for reconstruction of the 3-th floor of the main building and the admissions Department of the Regional children’s clinical hospital № 1 with an extension lolocated at  Klochkovskaya street, 337 A, Kharkov region. (2009).


     Client: Regional children’s clinical hospital № 1.


     During reconstruction, the capacity of the hospital is 465 beds, number of staff – 776 people.


     The reconstruction includes the following objects:


– reconstruction of premises, 3rd floor,

– reconstruction of premises of the reception Department,

– Annex,

– automatic fire alarm,

– diesel power plant.


     8. The work project of capital repair of  heating system of the Institute of Microbiology and immunology. I.I. Mechnikov” was performed, located at: , Kharkov, Pushkinskaya street, 14-16. (2013).


     The customer: LLC “Construction resources 2013”.


     Total area is 4250 m2.


     9. The work project of capital repair of  heating system of the Institute of dermatology and venereology, located at Kharkov, Chernyshevskaya street, 7/9. (2013).


     The customer: LLC “Construction resources 2013”.


     Total area is 3455 m2.


Медицинские центры