The machine plant

     The Work project of reconstruction first-storey of case №221-A, located at Kharkiv region, Volchansk, Pushkin street 2 at machine shop was designed.


     Customer: «Volchansk aggregate plant»


     The work project provides reconstruction of first storey and sanitary-domestic rooms of case №221-A at machine shop.


     It was made for increasing output of products of given program, reducing of energy consumption by implementing a progressive technological equipment and installation of the processing centers of the world leading manufacturers of cutting equipment.


     Reconstructed Premises are a part of existing four-storey case which has size 54 × 27 m.


     The organization of these production areas is provided In the machine shop:


     – mechanical area;


     – metalwork area;


     – the room of electroerosion machines;


     – the room of cleaning details;


     – the pantry of details;


     – BTK.


Агрегатный цех ПАО «Волчаский агрегатный завод»