Administrative building with farm laboratory

     The work project for construction of administrative building was developed, located at the address:  Kharkov region, Melnikova street, 41 (2010).


     The customer: LLC “MCPP “The people’s Health”


     Detached 3-storey administrative building with a basement and a technical floor located on the territory of the existing enterprises LLC “MCPP “The people’s Health”.


     Total area is 1894,1 m2.


     Building capasity is  8768 m3.


     Area is  585,0 m2.


     The interior of the administration building includes:


     1. Warehouse for receiving, warehousing, storage, dispensing and sampling for quality control of medicines:


– refrigeration for the storage of medicines;

– pantry storage tablet drugs;

– pantry return products;

auxiliary zone.


     2. Office premises.


     3. The laboratories for quality control of manufactured products:


– room on physico-chemical methods of control;

– premises for biological control;

– closet for outdoor service;

– closet for clothing technology;

– premises for sanitary service.


     4. Auxiliary facilities laboratories:


– utility room;

– refrigeration for storage of samples;

– premises storage of documents;

– premises storage of archival samples.


     The territory landscaped and lighted.


     There are sidewalks for workers.