Development of the project is a necessary and integral part of the birthing process and the implementation of ideas for the construction, reconstruction or repairing of any building or structure. Design and construction documents in full gives a complete picture not only of the concept of the building, but also provides all the necessary data for the direct construction, installation or repair work. The final stage of the creative process is the preparation of construction documents, which is registered in the list of necessary work, materials and their cost, which is extremely important to consider when implementing the idea.


Проекты     Design is performed for buildings with different purposes, it may be a civilian, which in turn are divided into public and residential, and industrial.


     Project documentation consists of several sections, which are executed in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the requirements of the rules and laws of Ukraine. The number of sections of the project may vary depending on the destination, complexity, construction and performance of buildings.


     Regardless of the complexity of the object we are doing our best for the realization of its ideas for the design and construction.


     We develop projects for various industries, including: chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, fuel, building materials, wood processing, pulp and paper, etc.


     Among the projects of public buildings are: stadiums, swimming pools, students palace, temple complexes, markets, nightclubs, cinemas, banks, offices, beauty salons, etc.


     Residential design is performed as a multi-storey apartment buildings and complexes, and private homes.