Prikolotnyanskiy oil extraction plant

     Development of work project for reconstruction area of cleaning oil of oil extraction case and warehouse of finished production located at Kharkiv region, Velikoburluskii district, v. Prikolotnoe, Lenin street, 45 (2006).


     Customer: “Prikolotnyanskiy oil extraction plant».


     The project was designed for reconstruction a warehouse of finished production at the granulation of meal with installation of a new technological equipment.


     Because of increasing the capacity of area of cleaning oil until 650 t/day it is needed to perform a reconstruction of part of the rooms of oil extraction case. It is performed by the way of replacing the existing and installation a new equipment of firm «Alfa-Laval».


     The installation of a deodorizer and auxiliary tanks adjacent at the building territory with the device of the bases under the equipment and grounds maintenance was planned.


     The structure of acting area of cleaning oil includes the folowing technological lines:


– special hydration or neutralizing rinse with cold wash;


– bleaching;


– freezing;


– deodorization (physical refinement).