Shopping centers

     The work documentation for the construction of retail space with landscaping of the adjacent territory on the land plot was completed, located on the Academician Pavlov street , the cross of the 50th anniversary of the Komsomol in Moscow administrative district, Kharkov (2006).


     The customer: LLC “Bias”.


     The projected object  is a three-storey heated building with a ground floor area of 1359,0 m2.


     The shopping center consists of the trading halls, facilities, personnel, facilities, cleaning equipment, switchboard rooms, utility rooms, bathrooms and furnace.


     The construction site and areas of improvement is in  difficult geological conditions. They are at the site of the buried ravine, which covered with the heterogeneous composition of soils. As a result of forced penetration of the basement, was designed the basement  under building ,that will be used for technical purposes.


     Also the project will involve the installation of a pavilion of light metal structures.


     The pre-design work to determine the optimal solutions for the construction trade and warehouse complex was performed, located on Lake street in  Kommunar village , Kharkov district, Kharkov region (2007).


     Client: private person.


     The projected warehouse building is a single storey heated rectangular building with an  area 7950 m2.


     On-site shopping and warehouse complex provides accommodation administrative-household premises intended for maintenance personnel working in the warehouse, and office space for the administrative staff.


     The composition of the planned industrial complex includes:


     1. Warehouse complex technical, office and administrative premises.


     2. Checkpoint with control lock point.


     3. Fire tanks.


     4. Water treatment facilities.


     5. The substation.


     6. Parking for light vehicles.


Торговые центры

Торговый центр 7