Center of educational work with students

     Developed conceptual and work projects of building Center of educational work with students located at  12, Revolucii str., Kharkov and  the project of an individual heat point, designed for heating systems, heating, ventilation and hot water(2007-2010).


     Customer: Kharkov National Academy of  Municipal Services.


     The center of educational work and cultural and leisure activities of students is 6-storey building with total area of 5980 m2.


     At the composition of the student center the next units are provided:


– hall for 1000 seats;


– exhibition hall;


– 2 rehearsal rooms;


– meeting with 220 seats;


– artistic;


– cinematology complex;


– club premises;


– cafe with 50 seats with a dance floor;


– technical and auxiliary premises.


     Layout of premises and equipment of student center provide the possibility of holding scientific conferences, meetings, concerts, film screenings, conducting cultural events.


     Partial box of designed building at  the terrain is  due to steep gradient and feature development at Revolution and Melnikova street.


     Old buildings of the last century that are monuments of architecture and new buildings of 60-90-ies are side by side with designing center.


     At the basis of the solution of facade planes of the projecting  centre is the principle of harmonious integration into the landscape, organic combination of planned and existing buildings.


     The selection of the first floor that  faced with granite, and lighter, concise solution of top  by side of Revolution street. The solution is like dissolving, taking off the surface of the wall with the emblem of the Academy.


     In the glass wall, as in a mirror, the facades of historic buildings – monuments of architecture are reflected.


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