About company

     Without construction, renovation and repairing of buildings and constructions it cannot be any kind of activity of modern man, because all his life takes place in these buildings and structures.


     It all starts with the construction of buildings: houses, kindergartens, schools, higher education institutions, research and design institutes, factories, offices. We are talking about all kinds of structures, starting from the pedestrian bridge over the creek, a large oil or oil extraction plant, and ending with a platform to launch the spacecraft.


О нашей компании     Without construction, renovation and repairing of buildings the progress of mankind is not possible, because all human activities are carried out in them.


     At the same time, the construction, reconstruction, repairing of buildings and structures are not possible without development of projects, or more precisely design and estimate documentation for their implementation. Thus the need of design work appears, from architectural design to the design building designs and the technologies used. These specialists are engaged by specialized design organizations, one of the best  of them is Institute Ltd. “Harkovstroyniproekt.”


     For its long, as for the private organization, history of its existence, our company has proved its high reliability and professional skills in carrying out the survey, certification and design for Ukraine and Russia.


     Our objects with designed work – is reinforced balcony, remodeling an apartment or private house construction (individual project) and reconstructed large plant with the latest technology, materials, structures and equipment.


     Design work for the city of Kharkiv mainly include service facilities: cafes, pharmacies, banks, shops, residential houses.


     Project work in Ukraine, except for the above objects include: industrial buildings and facilities, logistics warehouses.


     Our organization is staffed by specialists, so called “the experience and talented young people,” has modern design and analysis software, advanced electronic equipment, performs the full range of activities, from the inspection of buildings and constructions, issuing technical opinions about their condition and passports, and ending with the design work for the building, reconstruction and repair of buildings and structures.


     All the leading experts speak fluent Ukrainian, Russian and English, so our customers are many of the leading organizations in Ukraine and Russia, as well as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, South Korea, as well as Canada and the United States.


     Only such an approach enables the firm doing business in the design in Ukraine, and specifically in the city of Kharkov, developing individual projects and systems, successfully overcome the crisis.


     Our organization was founded as a small enterprise “Harkovstroyniproekt” in September 20, 1989 at the Kharkiv Oblast Executive Committee. In those days, a small private company could not be opened without a “guiding hand, and the resolution of the state.”


     During this time, our organization has lived and evolved along with the entire country. Gained independence from the Regional Executive Committee in 1992, survived the crises of 1994, 1998, 2008. While in the free running voyage on the rough sea of the market, has stood, has grown stronger, formed a team and developed hundreds of completed projects, both in Ukraine and in Russia.


     We want your firm to join the ranks of our customers as well. And let it be a small design in Kharkov, Kiev, Poltava, or any other city, for us, it will also be important as the design of a large plant!