Plant of household purpose

     Estimation of a technical condition of building constructions of frame of the unfinished building was held.


     Project documentation for complete building of plant of household purpose located at Tatarenkova lane 10, Kharkov region  was designed (2006).


     Customer: “Konstanta”.


     The building of the plant of household is one-storey with basement and has size 24×42 m.


     At  the territory of the household plant the following objects are placed:


– tailoring of fashionable footwear;

– workshops on manufacturing and repairing of clothes;

– atelier repair of footwear and leather haberdashery;

– atelier repair of radio and TV sets;

– hairdresser;

– trade and exhibition halls;

– computer services;

– pharmacy;

– bar;

– billiards room;

-exhibition hall;

– sports and fitness hall;

– meeting room;

– office premises.



Комбинаты бытового обслуживания

Комбинат 1

Комбинат 3


Комбинат 4