In the case of reconstruction, repairing, re-equipment of building, firstly it must be done the technical inspection of construction to determine the feasibility and development of the necessary measures.


     In new construction conceptual design of the future building according to your wishes and requirements of modern building codes and laws of Ukraine (or any other country – in the case of foreign design) is developed.


Сопровождение     Development of the concept of the project –  is the first step performed by the investor, based on which all subsequent steps, including building design, coordination of the project in the state courts, obtaining building permits and the immediate implementation of the project – the construction (reconstruction, repairs, etc.) are made.


     We carry not only the design of the building itself, but also the support of the project during the negotiation phase. Before proceeding with the design, we help our customers to calculate the demand for energy and to fill questionnaires engineering services to provide the necessary technical specifications.


     We pay attention to all stages of project development, including the development of the architectural concept of the project, which is formed on the basis of representation of the object and the requirements for it. According to formulated by the customer specification and coherent architectural concept we execute further study of details of the project.


     The design documentation, the procedure for its development, coordination and approval is carried out in accordance with the requirements of DBN A.2.2-3-97. Knowing the standards and professional skills allow our professional designers to carry out the design of buildings (all phases of the project) at a high level.


     Depending on the complexity of the design of buildings it can be performed in one or two stages. In the latter case, the matching is a stage "Project". More complex projects involve the development of a preliminary conceptual design investment and feasibility studies.


     However, during the drafting of a house in Kharkov, despite the fact that it is not a large object, preliminary design (project work) must be done necessarily, decorated houses visualization allows the customer to see his future house in the three-dimensional model and, if necessary, adjust his idea.


     All stages of the project development are managed by the chief engineer of the project and the chief architect of the project, who are appointed by the head of company and are responsible for the quality of its execution.


     Draft project after agreeing to the authorities of planning and architecture is the basis for the detailed design.


     Presenting for the approval, examination and approval of project documentation is a function of the customer and performed for his costs. However, our experts can carry out maintenance during the negotiation phase of the project: to defend their design decisions in a timely manner to eliminate the objective observations of different establishments, clarify existing issues, which prevent our customers from understanding the details of the project documentation. Therefore, if you are our customer, it does not matter whether we are developing the project of house in Kharkiv, factory, shop or office in any other city in Ukraine, we will help you bring your idea to its full implementation.