Inspection and certification

     Our company carries out all the activities on inspection of buildings and structures. In the survey process, our experts make a visual inspection, measurements, tool inspection and photographic images of the status quo.


   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Instrumental examination of constructions is made by methods of non-destructive testing, if necessary, a selection of some of the samples for further laboratory tests are taken. According to the results of field surveys, checking calculations and laboratory tests we develope effective solutions to address the identified defects and bring the building structures in satisfactory operational condition. Technical inspection of buildings is performed to determine the status of the bases (with opening), bearing and enclosing structures (columns, ceilings, walls, partitions, floors, roofs), assemblies, engineering services, determining thermal insulating properties of materials. Before carrying out the survey, our customers can get an initial consultation on the following issues: the definition of quantities, the order of the survey, the order of the negotiation and other measures required in accordance with the regulatory framework and the legislation of Ukraine.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Performing inspection of buildings and structures helps determine the real state of the building structures. From time to time it is necessary to perform under long-term operation of the facility for early detection and further eliminate defects arising due to various factors, which include aggressive environment (especially some technological processes) within a building, improper maintenance, long service life of the subject, etc. In a matter of urgency it should be carried out by the collapse of a building or part of it. The need for inspection of building structures arises in the process of reconstruction, redevelopment, renovation, repairing of various types of buildings, especially the resumption of construction after its long “freeze.” Following an inspection of buildings and structures and the calculations for load-bearing ability, compiled by experienced technical report (the report on the survey), in which the results of the technical evaluation of their condition, recommendations for addressing the identified defects and future operation of the facility. For the envelope, if it is necessary, we performeThermal calculation. A technical report can be compiled from a survey of individual structures and / or the building as a whole.


     Inspection of building constructions is held for certification of buildings, in this case, the result of such examination is not only the conclusion of the technical condition of the building (the report on the survey), but the data sheets on them. Timely survey and certification of buildings can significantly extend the life and reduce the number of global measures to bring the building structures in working condition.


     Also, a technical examination of the building is needed in a case of unauthorized private construction, alteration, remodeling, and other kinds of works. On the basis of information received from the survey of the technical documentation the legalizing of unauthorized construction can be produced.



Обследование 3     Inspection of buildings and structures for the technical evaluation of their condition is done by qualified technicians using modern equipment (building strength meters, laser rangefinders, ultrasonic thickness gauges, etc.). Our company is licensed to perform this type of work, and experts have the relevant qualification certificates. All operations are carried out in full compliance with the applicable regulations of Ukraine. We carry out inspection of residential, public and industrial multi-storey and single-storey buildings, private houses.


     Technical inspection of buildings is the first step for the development of the detailed design for the reconstruction, modernization, or repairing of a building, or a working draft strengthen certain building structures to bring them to normal operation. After doing a survey and detailed design professional estimators perform calculation estimates, which will be determined under the cost of construction and repair work.