Scientific research

Научные исслед-1     Professionals of JSC "Harkovstroyniproekt" conduct research of building materials and construction, technologyof construction industry. In particular, the works in the following areas of research are carried out:


  • development of the author's procedures inspection of buildings and structures (reduced labor costs and, consequently, the cost of works);
  • improving the technology of the device flat and pitched roofs ventilated from rolled materials (application of these solutions to enhance the quality, reliability and durability of the roof, reduce the cost of the device 1 m2 of the roof by 12 ÷ 17%);
  • improving methods of installation and repair of pitched roofs operated attics (reducing labor costs and the cost of construction and repair of pitched roofs and attics exploited (attics) and reducing energy and material costs for building maintenance);
  • improvement of the technology installation and repair of flat roofs of bitumen-polymer materials (developed systems and methods for effective decision-making design, installation and repair, which ensures longevity of roofing while reducing complexity and cost of roofing work);Научные исслед-3
  • development of new technical solutions to repave the buildings in the complex configuration of the zone of historic buildings;
  • improving ways to strengthen building structures made of wood, metal, concrete and brick;
  • determination of the stress-strain state of steel structures (established theoretical basis for calculating the stress-strain state of welded steel structures and their connections, which allows to take into account yielding flank welds);
  • development of technical solutions that reduce heat loss during heating of civil and industrial buildings;
  • improving technical solutions and HVAC industrial and civil buildings with providing a comfortable environment for people with minimum energy costs;
  • addressing the well water from underground sources.


Научные исслед-2     The results of research have been tested at international conferences, patented and implemented in the practice of design. Also, implementation of joint research projects with leading departments Kharkov National University Urban, Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture.