Дизайн-коттедж вариант-3 изменен     Development of the project design cottage is a creative process, the implementation of which requires knowledge of highly skilled professionals in a complex with a creative vision. These qualities allow our architects to implement customers’ ideas and offer their own, in full accordance with the temperament and lifestyle of the customer, reflecting his vision. Design and architecture allow you to implement any ideas, especially when it comes to building a new house, where every element of the building, such as external balcony, columns, stairs, etc. can become an expressive and functional. The interior of the house is the environment in which a person (the customer) spends hours of rest, that is why the development of the project design house (apartment) is given so much importance.


     The design is also important doing the reconstruction of the apartment into the office, because of changing the function the layout of the rooms and interior are changed. In office buildings it is important to provide the high performance of employees in a comfortable environment and to reflect the status of the company. Therefore, the reconstruction of the apartment into the  office should begin with a consultation with a professional designer.


     Its own requirements for interior design are not just for residential and office buildings, but also for industrial buildings, restaurants, places of worship, hotels, shops, etc.


Дизайн вариант-4 изменен     As you can see from the above, the interior design for rooms with different purposes is radically different from each other. Moreover, there are many different styles (Gothic, baroque, classicism, modernism, minimalism, hi-tech and many others). Some styles which are intertwined with each other, provide an interesting embodiment of the vision of the designer and the customer. The main thing is to preserve the harmony of parts and mood.


     Creating a design project the experienced architects, designers think up and take into account all details: the composition, style, decoration materials, equipment and furniture.


     Design and architecture are  two components of the same process – the process of organizing the interior of the premises in accordance with the functionality, user preferences and world standards. They allow you to bring it all in accordance with applicable building codes and regulations.


     Often, the first thing which is imagined by customer during the planning is its interior and exterior (design standards he did not know and are not interested in), and in first place in importance to the customer takes process that usually finalizing the project – design.


     Kharkiv, Kharkiv region, Poltava, Sumy region – that’s not even a complete list of regions of Ukraine, where interesting ideas of our experts in the field of design were realized.