News from 17.10.2013

Дистрибуционный центр со складом книг

     The book "The Story of the restoration and construction of churches in the eparchy  of Kharkiv" (author Zhvan V.D.) was published by the results of LLC "Harkovstroyniproekt" work of reconstruction, capital repair and new construction of churches by the publishing house "Book Club "Family Leisure Club" company "Bertelsman".



     The materials about the churches restoration which involved LLC "Harkovstroyniproekt" was presented in this book that published with the blessing of Archbishop of Kharkov and Bogodukhov Onuphrius and dedicated " The bright memory of Metropolitan of Kharkov and Bogodukhov Nicodemus”. This period covers more than 15 years and 22 churches.


     Analyzing this work, the materials of the work I came to the conclusion that in my hands there is a part of the history of our city, region, Ukraine, and this material must be organized and published.


     Our work and  work of other people who lived, live and will live in our country is reflected in this history.


     And it is important to leave a mark not only in the form of restored churches, but also in the form of names, names of certain participants, who spared no effort and money to restore and strengthen the spirituality of our people.


     When The author was working at the book the great help was provided by the priests: father Oleg (the village of Korotich), father Paul (the village  Murafa), the father of Alexander (te village Malaya Danilovka) and many others.