Completed reconstruction of the mill, of the Swiss company DP “Weidman Malin Insulating Components”

Малин 2-

     Successfully completed the reconstruction of the factory Swiss company DP "Weidman Malin Insulating Components by our organizations which are LLC "Harkovstroyniproekt" (General designer) and NP LLC Nrika" (the General contractor) In the ancient town of Malin, in Zhytomyr region (the first written mention of it dates back to the XII century).


     This firm is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of insulators for large transformers, nuclear and thermal power plants.


     All work was done with high quality stipulated in the contract terms.


     The project was developed and agreed  in all instances.


     The second phase, the execution of construction works by our company NP LLC “Nrika", began with a clarification of the timing of construction works.


     We can proudly say that our Ukrainian part performed the specified date, and on September 20 workshops were ready to receive equipment.


     Installation and setting works, performed by Swiss specialists, as well as finishing work in offices that are performed by Ukrainian specialists, were completed within 3 months.


     Then 3 months left on practicing the process and removing the factory at full capacity.


     24.04.2013, in the presence of the President of the company Mrs. Julien, representative offices, “Weidman” in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and visitors: govenours of Zhytomyr region, representatives of the firms who participated in the reconstruction of the factory, the  factory was opened in a solemn ceremony.


     As it was noted by the Director of the factory Ivan Trigub, conditions for workers and employees, as well as the technical level of production at the new factory is higher than in Switzerland in similar industries.


     Mrs. Julien  also noted the outstanding work of Ukrainian specialists in her speech .