Architectural supervision

     After the development of construction documents for the building, its acceptance by the relevant authorities the turn of the construction works comes. Architectural supervision must be done during any building process.


Авторский надзор     Architectural supervision is exercised by representatives of the project organization (the sponsors) in order to monitor compliance with the requirements of the design documentation in the process of construction works.


     Architectural supervision is performed over the entire period of construction (reconstruction, major repairs). The author of the project (chief architect) performs routine visit, during which may specify certain details of the project, and fills the magazine of supervision, which shall include all the comments that are discovered during the work.


     Architectural supervision is important in the implementation of any project, even if it is a small design of a country house.


     Architectural supervision provides a high level of reliability and functionality of the building increases its service life and simplifies the process of commissioning.