Without pre-developed working draft (construction documents) it is difficult and sometimes impossible to bring to life the idea of the construction or reconstruction of any building or structure, our engineering company LLC “Harkovstroyniproekt performs these services .” This can be a full time project with all sections or just working drawings of building structures, and it does not matter whether it’s an apartment redevelopment, construction of a residential building, construction or reconstruction of the factory, warehouse or office building. Working project is coordinated by the relevant authorities and a guarantee of quality, reliability, safety, operation, and what you end up with exactly what a building or facility that is planned. In addition, developed working draft is required to obtain a permit for construction or reconstruction.



Проектирование-коллаж изменен

      Professional and talented architects will offer you an idea of the building, if you do not have it, or will modify your idea, making it the most aesthetically beautiful and functional. Professional Designer will calculate the building construction in full compliance with current building codes and requirements, using high quality modern materials and ensuring the reliability of a building or structure. Experienced technologists offer a modern, economical and comprehensive technology manufacturing processes, which is especially important in the design of a warehouse or factory. Specialists in electrical, plumbing and heating supplies will equip your building with necessary and sufficient equipment. And all this will be done in full accordance with your wishes.


     Our organization carries out the development of construction documents (PSD) for new construction, modernization, renovation and repair of buildings and structures. It can be: houses, industrial and office buildings, warehouses, gas stations, pharmacies, cafes, shops, etc.


     We offer the following types of design work:


  • master Plan for neighborhoods;
  • construction master plans;
  • conceptual designs of buildings and structures;
  • development of projects of various structures (overpasses, underpasses, chimneys, etc.);
  • projects to strengthen the structures;
  • project documentation;
  • construction management plan (PIC);
  • a draft of works (CPD);
  • assessment of the environmental impact assessment (EIA);
  • heating, ventilation, air-conditioning.