News from 25.10.2013

Агрегатный цех ПАО «Волчаский агрегатный завод»

     The project of reconstruction of  1st floor of building No221a at  mechanical plant OJSC “Volchansk aggregate plant" was finished by our organization.


     The developed project improves the efficiency and competitiveness of manufactured products, reduces the energy consumption of the plant operation of workshop and the building as a whole.



News from 17.10.2013

Дистрибуционный центр со складом книг

     The book "The Story of the restoration and construction of churches in the eparchy  of Kharkiv" (author Zhvan V.D.) was published by the results of LLC "Harkovstroyniproekt" work of reconstruction, capital repair and new construction of churches by the publishing house "Book Club "Family Leisure Club" company "Bertelsman".



Completed reconstruction of the mill, of the Swiss company DP “Weidman Malin Insulating Components”

Малин 2-

     Successfully completed the reconstruction of the factory Swiss company DP "Weidman Malin Insulating Components by our organizations which are LLC "Harkovstroyniproekt" (General designer) and NP LLC Nrika" (the General contractor) In the ancient town of Malin, in Zhytomyr region (the first written mention of it dates back to the XII century).


     This firm is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of insulators for large transformers, nuclear and thermal power plants.



Development of design estimates for the company Technocom (nestlé Ukraine) was completed

Склад пищевых продуктов

     The development of design and estimate documentation for reconstruction of the building Department for logistic warehouses with a total area of 8500 m2 located at address: Moskovsky avenue, 199, Ukraine was completed.


     The customer – company Technocom (nestlé Ukraine), Switzerland, is one of the largest companies in the world famous worldwide brands: "Nescafe" and other.


     General designer is  LLC "Harkovstroyniproekt".


     The General  Engineer of  Project  is Grobova Lyudmila Mikhailovna.


     The General Architect of Project is KlimovAlexandrVladimirovich.


     The investigation works of building structures of subject of reconstruction were performed for 4 months (at a rate of 7 months), the estimates for reconstruction was developed and the approval of Gosinvestexpert was got.