There the children are off early, nothing will affirm what they carry with them this general aspiration of the living toward the light, progress and liberation.

I believe, from what I can read books and contemporary magazines, as the Italian EcoIe is seeking help with my homework
, it has no method uses a haphazard recommended practices. I believe that our education is likely to respond to the various problems confronting the Italian educators. It requires technical changes we need to prepare and promote a new spirit. This may be relatively less difficult in Italy than in France.

It is precisely because of this indecision of the official education that still exist in their original purity, two famous methods, but who in my opinion is their time: the Decroly method and Montessori. We visited a class that works 100% according to Decroly method: the overall method almost full, as is so severely criticized in France, with the study of words represented by the drawings: pear , apple, etc …, the writing and reading using printed on cardboard words.

While recognizing that this method could in certain circumstances appear as an advance on traditional techniques, however, we believe that it must evolve to free expression and creation. A Montessori school But the most extraordinary adventure that is the show in 1963 with a perfect image of the Montessori Method 1900. It is a school for children 4 to 5 years organized by the Montessori method in the same premises large Falk Company (16000 workers).

Everything is strictly built and installed according to the instructions Montessori: furniture measure the child, soundproofed and heated floors, and especially specific Montessori materials: embossed letters, various interlocking, lengths and cubes, etc … I can not tell you the discomfort and pain that we have caused this resurgence of 1900 teaching in the material and social context 1963. not a sound in this school of small children who are usually lively and pepiants.

We enter a room where the funeral atmosphere is accentuated by the presence of a religious almost immaterial. The children are there, silent and sad, busy stir the pieces of a flush or run fingers on rough letters. They do not speak. And religious herself confirms, we are not talking about them! This is a true school of deaf mutes.

It may be that the Montessori materials cultivates some ear skills, sight or touch, but the practice itself is now an incredible inhumanity. There the children are off early, nothing will affirm what they carry with them this general aspiration of the living toward the light, progress and liberation. A Montessori school for EC and CM children working in the same locality, was against a more normal and alive.

Again, it would be enough of that spirit again qu’apportent our techniques to a Montessori pedagogy can resume all his formative and human value: files, printing, limographe, paint, would give greater efficiency to the individual work which had been a Montessori the most prominent inspiring. The second degree Visalberghi The professor who chaired a second conference was mainly focused his presentation on the concerns of the Scuola Media (Italian Middle School) that has just been created and for which we seek an education.

I said that our techniques, as in the French CEG, can bring such documentation, desire to know and work with thirst. We need to clarify what I intend to do everything in a folder next to be devoted to Freinet techniques in the final years, CEG, technical education and 2nd degree. We are living a period of intense academic activity, which is not necessarily a comforting educational activity. We feel that the school yesterday may no longer be the school of today and tomorrow.

We can only welcome this awareness that we have worked so hard. But nothing will be done effective if you just change a little organization and the facade, which can, however, be useful. This is the pedagogy itself that we must change. And we alone for now bring valid solutions, which he will one day or another we have recourse. Because it is a technical and human progress, our teaching will be needed shortly to all people concerned about their future liberator.

We are not in a hurry. We prefer qu’agisse gradually experience that gradually will inevitably snowball. Systematic reviews and yet unexpected obstacles always come to complicate our work. We do however claim to have realize the ideal and we find normal that critical our achievements, we are the first to keep challenging on site.

But it is extra-educational criticisms made lightly and bias that does not disturb least some of our comrades. The first did not start yesterday and it has earned us for thirty years regrettable dropouts and tenacious enmities. We are told that our members are passionate for their educational work so that they neglect their duties of social and political activism.

We are passionate for an activity that will make them and the children they educate conscious men who, as such, naturally meet with all those who, in other ways, fighting for the same goals. Democracy needs less followers than citizens can play their part in the great struggle for liberation. Ideally of course that our activists are together union activists, political, cultural or secular.

It belongs to our comrades to choose according to their strengths, affinities and opportunities. But we believe that the educator must first be passionate in his profession. And it is a charge that would be laughable if it caught the goodwill of some comrades.

We are told by your technical and your achievements, you seem to believe that modern education can revive the school under capitalism and the Gaullist government will be satisfied with a technical improvement, it will not fail to take advantage. We criticize our pedagogy for transition classes, under the pretext that these classes would be a dead end, as if all classes were not dead ends for which can not, in this plan, to enjoy the conditions of work and life enjoyed only a privileged few.

Anyway, confidently, educators worthy of the name can not sabotage the work of formation and liberation of which they feel the virtual possibility. And if by our achievements, we regonflons the Gaullist regime, what will the hundreds of thousands of educators who are on strike for a pay rise: why general strikes that earned workers some pecuniary benefits? And why the National Assembly she has voted unanimously a bill that the Government will not fail to take advantage?

To those who, for lack of knowledge and understanding of our teaching, you argue against unfounded accusations, you will respond if necessary with common sense and safety. But the best would not it not to respond because the accusers are insensitive to our reasons? They have their reasons to them that our reason does not accept.

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