He was passionate about drawing and I decided to include it in a paint shop.

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In: Philosophy in September 1997 Excluded from the Fourth World * in France: Why is it so difficult to get out of extreme poverty? Testimonials. “They have too much of nothing” (Song of Renaud) Poorly paid, since working irregularly, the man of the Fourth World has few resources, so it is malnourished; as also it is poorly housed, his health is poor.

The disease in turn helps prevent fathers from working, thus earning money, to prevent children from going to school, so to learn a trade that could ensure their future. Gaps (money, work, health, education, etc.) that characterize the layers of the poorest populations are intertwined and reinforce each other, in an endless chain: lack of resources shortage of trade union and political power ?? ? food and poor housing ^ v ^ v non-working poor health or underemployment – ^ v ignorance of rights, not qualifying ?? ? lack of social relationships ?? – both cause and consequence * Fourth World: to define the word, see the excluded Fourth World in France Caught in this cycle, people can not enter the race or participate in the lives of others.

They often end up forming a world apart “on the margins of society.” Lack of culture “for the world of tomorrow, we need the doors open, we need relationships and sharing, and everyone has something to contribute.” Symposium: Culture against poverty in 1996 higher you are placed low on the social ladder, the more these gaps are growing and where deprivation exceed a certain threshold, it is difficult to distinguish among all the problems, which takes the not on others. However, in this vicious circle, the lack of culture seems capital, because it generates almost all of all ignorance. “Since he is unemployed, my father all day on the couch watching movies.

As soon as one wants to talk, you get yelled at.” Constantine, 8 The world of the excluded receives our culture fractionally through the media, especially radio and television, he is difficult to understand the messages. Anyway, what he hears and understands, he is not able to live it. As one descends the poorest strata of society, we see disappear relations and means of fulfillment of the person.

More modest incomes, less living space offers possibility of equipment for the cultural and social development of families. The Houses of Youth and Culture and kindergartens are located mostly in city centers. In the best case we installed near public housing, but not in the cities, in the periphery, in the least served by public transport areas.

Their inhabitants make long journeys on foot or by bicycle to reach their workplace; pretend we do them again through this path to listen to a lecture or learn to make ceramics in a cultural center? The people of the Fourth World are still too often off the beaten path and still do not – know how to cook – learn to balance their expenses – namely to help their children – be understood from the outside world (in particular, administrations) – inspire the esteem and the respect they deserve, – know their rights and enforce them – know the history of their family – preserve their health …

Misunderstanding. “When my son was small, I was in a very difficult situation. He was passionate about drawing and I decided to include it in a paint shop. But people around me in my neighborhood, I have criticized. They said it was unnecessary and that I did not have to complain about the lack of material if I was able to pay painting lessons to my son. ” An Alsatian – Conference “Culture against Misery” 1996 Use of Inconsistency resources.

In disadvantaged areas, it does not know the value of money and despite efforts to manage the meager budget, we make unnecessary expenses. For example, at Christmas, we offer the boy big brand sneakers worth 600F pair without thinking that these shoes will not be the right size the following year. To taste, children are sometimes full of sweets and pastries that cost twice as much as the traditional bread-chocolate or jam sandwiches.

People say that in any case the future will be dark, so better take immediate minimal money satifaction who just returned. The material insecurity called inconsistency and it accentuates insecurity. This is one of many vicious circles of poverty. Scandal at the mall. “No!

I do not work! They say they do not have enough to pay the canteen children, and do you know what they did with the allowance for school? I have seen the someone make me do my homework
“Smoke-Logs”, they bought cigarettes cartridges, disks and tapes porn! But why do we distribute money like that? what to give is purchasing good. one for the briefcase, one for the jacket, for small supplies! ” Ms.

Renan shopping. Summer 1997. Families often ignore the “benefits” they could benefit: Reasons not to take advantage of scholarships to college enrollment% did not know it existed on July 16 he was denied on August 18 think it n ‘ there is no law June 12 has not wanted to July 3 forgot to approach or too late, abandoned as too complicated October 22 did not know 7 16-April 9 response (Sources: OJ 27-7-95) the poor pay more than the rich “You have to be rich to afford to buy cheap” the convenience store or supermarket that serves the city usually offers consumer goods at prices 10 to 60% higher than supermarket (2-4-97 investigation in a city) but the supermarket is from the city, and the mom who will not leave her children alone too long preferred to serve in the shopping district especially that it allows him to buy credit1.

And while the poor lived closer to the shopping centers and markets, it would not have the ability to store food when prices are low because it lacks both money and space to store supplies. Housing instability resulting in large fuel costs because the cold penetrates too thin walls, doors and ill-fitting windows let the wind.

In a house too small with poor materials, everything wears out faster than elsewhere, everything must be continually replaced: shoes deteriorate in the mud, clothes hanging cupboard fault receive grease stains and deteriorate rapidly . It would take exceptional skills in home economics to make the most of scarce resources, or those households with the lowest incomes are also the poorest in this regard. They do not know calculate they badly read labels and can not compare prices and qualities.

So they make unwise purchases and fall prey to credit sales touts the least favorable conditions. 1- Credit: A solution adopted in some cities does not seem to promote the economy: we went to the shopping center in the old family car, we buy goods mountains with the credit card, and after a few weeks it has debts that no arrrivera to pay.

Debt In a department of the Paris region, 244 families have seen their family allowances seized between January and November 1995, 131 families have now seized during “The debts of school canteens, those of medical consultations and hospitalization are the source of nearly all seizures. Why the school and the municipality do not they act before leaving accumulate unpaid family?

As for the hospital, no one should enter more without having an open right . It often requires foreclosures, while research rights was not even done! and sometimes the old debts are six, seven, eight and more! ” The President of the Fund for Family Allowances of Seine Saint Denis, head of the CFDT trade union, in December 1995 in relation documentary Pages excluded from the Fourth World in France Excluded from the Fourth World: poverty and health problems Excluded from Quarter- world: education challenges the judgment of the company: a suffering more for excluded excluded from the Fourth world: the face of social institutions excluded from the Fourth world in the trap of the company’s profit excluded from Quarter- world also have values ??Excluded Fourth world in France: how to live? That helps, defending the excluded Fourth World in France Fourth World in France: laws against exclusion and poverty?

The excluded and the difficulties of access to work The full text of the N11 BT2 downloadable documentary: “The excluded the Fourth World in France” Source: BT2N 11 “Excluded from the Fourth World in France” (September 1997) Authors : Site BT2 ICEM and Madeleine Renault
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