Sahnovskiy oil extraction plant

     Development of work project for building oil extraction plant with performance processing of sunflower seeds- 600 t/day of soy – 500 tons/day and rape – 420 t/day with plots for producing refined, deodorized oil – 250 tons/day located at Kharkiv region, Sahnovskiy district (2008-2010).


     Customer: LLC “Our Oil’


     The objects of building are:


- The Motor winnowing plot.


- The press section.


- The extraction plant.


- The area of hydration.


- The area of neutralization.


- The area of deodorization.


- The shop of packing.


- The area of biodiesel production.


- Warehouse of seeds with acceptance.


- Warehouse of meal.


- Oil tank farm.


     After execution of this project will be mastered the piece of land, an area of 8 hectares, in the village. Sahnovschina Kharkiv region.


     Creating conditions for 320 people is a positive socio-economic factor for the village Sahnovschina.


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